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One Great Day Tubing and Swimming on Lake Havasu!

IMG_6657So, we are locals from Lake Havasu, however our beautiful lake never gets old. We decided last week to talk to our friends Chad and Jennifer at Whett Rods boat and Jet Ski rentals to see if we could get a boat for the day since we had family in town. Booking the boat was no issue since it was a Thursday. We got up early and drove down to the London Bridge where Whett Rods is located. After some short instruction we were on the boat!

We decided to set out to Skier’s Cove because of the wind that day and it provides pretty good Vera and Max in Lake Havasu on the tubeblockage from the wind. Once at the cove we put the kids on the tube and let it rip! If you want to see your kids with the biggest smiles you have ever seen on their faces, take them tubing. My two oldest kids are seven and five, we also had some cousins that are 11. What I am getting at is that even the small ones can have fun and it is plenty safe.

As you can see in the photos below, it was a great photo opportunity to get all of the kids having a blast on a lovely Lake Havasu day. In fact, the kids didn’t want to stop. Even after lunch they were begging to go back out tubing. Watching their face brighten up when I hit the gas was a hoot! Flopping around and doing turns on the boat got them really excited. They had never been on a tube before so it was a whole new experience for them.

Skiiers Cove Lake Havasu Playing in the sandAfter tubing for a few hours we decided to take a break for the adults and we found a nice little beach in Skier’s Cove to relax and let the kids play in the sand. The adults got to relax and float in the perfect water temperature of eighty degrees in the lake. We chatted, enjoyed a beer and built sand castles, good times!

Wanting to show the kids and the cousins some more of our beautiful lake, we Beaver Island Lake Havasuheaded down south to Friendly Island. This is one of our favorite spots on Lake Havasu. It has a great calm bay, camping, bathroom facilities and the views are magnificent. The views of the mountains and Copper Canyon are about as good as it gets. Friendly Island is where we typically camp in the winter time. It is, in my opinion, the best place for a family to camp while in Lake Havasu. To find the island, Head south on the lake from the London Bridge and it is just south of Copper Canyon a half mile and on the other side of the lake. We spent a few hours here swimming, jumping off small cliffs and snorkeling, the snorkeling is just like Hawaii!!! Just kidding! Not great visibility but still great fun for the kids.

Lunch Time at The Naked Turtle!

If you have not been, I highly recommend The Turtle. They have great drinks, a beach for the kids the swim and the food is pretty darn good. It was a perfect end to a perfect day.

To Sum It All Up:

If you have young kids, get on the lake early. The water is calmer, the weather is cooler and there are not nearly as many boats as the afternoon. If you want to be your kid’s hero, rent a boat when in Havasu and take them tubing!